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Traditionally families are composed of two parental figures of the opposite sex and their biological children.

The numbers of traditional two parent families have dwindled over the decades.

If you do not have any training or education you have to make up your mind if you want to be on public assist or something better for you and child/children even if it means work at Mc Donald until you can improve your situation.

Despite what static shows Single Parent can be success by having Religious, finance, discipline and strong family support.

This individual takes on all of the daily responsibilities that comes with raising a child(ren).

Furthermore, consider the single parent the one who provides solely for the child as they are the ones with them most of the time throughout the stint of their entire life.

This leads to a vicious and continuous cycle that could lead to the destruction of generations thereafter.

Ideally, it is better for children to live with their mom and dad happily married; however, children who grow up in single-parent households can still be well- adjusted children, teenagers, and adults.

[tags: The Effects of a Single Parent Home on a Child] - Introduction: The development of a child relies heavily on family.

Family is a highly important factor that must be considered and understood when looking at the overall development of humans (Lidz 1983).

Even when discussing the separation of parents and/or divorce, children live with one parent who is also known as the custodial parent.

While the second parent normally has visitation of their child, too.... Additionally, one reason for this is so that there will not be incest in societies such as Jamaica.

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Furthermore, it also provides some form of social identity as they are born into the social class, race, ethnicity and religion.

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