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He's a quality guy Markus white has tremendous assets of one of the ones who does not yet have this consistent offense.

And if sporadic offense but not consistent profits.

And and that Stevens is on record I think intelligently and actually. It's there are three kinds of players he said ball handlers wings and and generic big. And wings who are personal both offensively and defensively Smart for example can cover larger. The great things that Bradley capable of that so that all you know on the defense stepped on ball defense. And and I think that's the that's the thing I I trusted me.

I think that the game has changed to the extent that the old 12345. I think I think they've thought this out and you know there was no question did.

And his new podcast called Bob Ryan of Boston podcast. Nature of who's got sick to whom this which makes this an interest. Innumerable I mean truly and literally innumerable. I think that sort of going away right now he's proven himself. A couple of seven innings for brilliant at plus performances in the passers.

I know him as the guy that I grew up with being a Celtics fan and reading each and every week in the Boston Globe Bob Ryan thanks so much taken a few minutes and I joined the program tonight. So much of it as sort of a jerk and alienated himself so much from the fans by what's taken place here in the last week ten days that I much or there is any coming back from this Bob. Double or or more I mean I think that would solve it.

Maybe winning two or 3 games in the Eastern Conference finals is the goal. Improved his office did that everybody is at least here as is significantly more effective offensive source in the in the when he Iraq.

The playoffs are still a couple of months away there's no guarantee this Red Sox team will even be there they continue to sort of do what they've done post all star break. By AT OP veteran on the team that has stature to two. For any reason and and let alone the dom dom dom b.s in 88. Up by other Red Sox players and then not to be chastised by either the manager there at the general manager or by the way.I had a real hard time this team saying goodbye to Avery Bradley and I know that Gordon Hayward is a better player than Avery Bradley.But when you're looking for this team to make incremental improvements on what they did last year 53 wins so maybe this year 56 is the goal. Because what Marcus what needs to do now is to do what exactly did which is to.

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That it was part of a plan that if we go for it within one of the state the it's painful prices that we have to pay is that we sacrifice that.

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