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To date, no information is available for testing the feasibility of consolidated bioprocessing for cellulosic ethanol production employing combination of thermophilic anaerobic bacteria for direct microbial fermentation of rice straw biomass.The co-culture fermentation performance of newly isolated sp.Cellulose-degrading thermophilic anaerobic bacterium as a suitable host for consolidated bioprocessing (CBP) has been proposed as an economically suited platform for the production of second-generation biofuels.To recognize the overall objective of CBP, fermentation using co-culture of different cellulolytic and sugar-fermenting thermophilic anaerobic bacteria has been widely studied as an approach to achieving improved ethanol production.Considering its high holocellulose content (approximate 55–59%), rice straw biomass was used in this study as a low-cost renewable feedstock for cellulosic ethanol production.

CBP at high temperature could be more advantageous than at lower temperature by offering improved catalysis, lowered energy requirements, minimized contamination risk, and maximized cost effectiveness [ catabolizes pyruvate via a mixed acid fermentation pathway that involves formation of other products such as lactate, acetate, formate, hydrogen, and excreted amino acids, in addition to ethanol, thus resulting in lower ethanol yields [ strains have been isolated from diverse natural and man-made environments, which presented significant disparity in their physiological characteristics, substrate utilization, cellulosomal subunit composition, and cellulose degradation potential [] have been identified.An American flag hangs over the jetway for Gate C19, to commemorate Flight 175, which had departed from this gate at about AM on 11 September 2001.It was hijacked by terrorists, and crashed into New York City's World Trade Center an hour later.strain DBT-IOC-C19, with hemicellulose and sugar-fermenting bacteria, was investigated.Rice straw biomass has excellent potential as a substrate for cellulosic ethanol production by the new isolates in a co-culture.

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