Dating a divorced man with trust issues

Are you both in agreement with respect to how religion plays a part in your life? Are you willing to relocate if one person’s job demands it?

If the guy is serious about his objective to get married, he shouldn’t get hives just from talking about the big issues.

It’s a plus if he has worked on himself via professional counseling and used that experience as a tool for personal growth.

If he gets defensive or avoids the discussion altogether, then that’s a red flag.

Thanks, Lisa Dear Lisa, From a Jewish perspective, the purpose of dating is to evaluate whether or not a person is an appropriate life partner.

So make sure that you are before getting caught up in any of the other stuff.

Secondly, you need to respect the person you are dating.

If you get lost on the way home, is he willing to stop and ask for directions without getting angry at the suggestion?

How someone treats others is a strong indicator of how that person will treat you.

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