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A biker frustrated with those who use their mobile phones while driving has started to film his daily commute to work to record his near misses.Mr Milton, who didn't give his first name, uses the M25 and M4 everyday to get to work in Slough and says on an average day he sees up to 15 drivers on their phones mostly in the evening, during rush hour.

On the Friday morning commute Mr Milton came across yet more drivers in quick succession more interested in their phones than the road ahead.

At the end of the video she is seen running towards the northbound on-ramp of the I-5 which is where she was found with a chain connecting her waist and left arm, and two hose clamps around her ankles.

Police said Papini, who had vanished on November 2 leaving behind her phone with a clump of hair still attached to the headphones, had been beaten and branded.

The footage, taken by a security camera at a Jehovah’s Witness Kingdom Hall in the community of Yolo, was released by The Shasta County Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday.

In the footage, Papini can be seen running left and right for several yards, eventually disappearing off camera, to be found shortly afterward by police.

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