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Connectivism is the thesis that knowledge is distributed across a network of connections, and therefore that learning consists of the ability to construct and traverse those networks.An account of connectivism is therefore necessarily preceded by an account of networks.But the bulk of this work is devoted to tracing the implications of this thesis in learning.Yes, this could have been a shorter book - and perhaps one day I'll author a volume without the redundancies, false starts, detours and asides, and other miscellany.It is not the 'content' of the words and sentences we use.

To be sure, it is easy to say that knowledge is not merely a collection of 'facts' or 'statements', but if not that, then what is it?

It is through the cooperation of autonomous and diverse individuals that communities function most effectively, not through collaboration or cohesion.

This thesis is explored through the (imperfectly named) distinction between groups and networks.

The having of a reason for action is not a matter of argumentation or deduction, but rather of comfort, familiarity and an inner sense of balance, the sort of instant awareness we would characterize of an expert.

The 'semantic condition' describes an efficient and effective functioning of networks, that is, the functioning of networks that will achieve knowledge as just described.

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