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Sensing an opportunity, North Korea obtained licenses to manufacture replicas of Soviet and Chinese weapons, ranging from assault rifles and artillery rockets to naval frigates and battle tanks.

Arms factories sprouted in the 1960s that soon produced enough weapons to supply North Korea’s vast military, as well as a surplus that could be sold for cash.

North Korea has started to innovate and move beyond those designs, but it is still willing to provide spare parts and maintenance.

As the Russians and Chinese have moved away from this market, the North Koreans have stuck around.” As a succession of harsh U. sanctions threatened to chase away customers, North Korea simply changed tactics.

In the 1960s and ’70s, the Soviet Union gave away conventional weapons — and, in some cases, entire factories for producing them — to developing countries as a way of winning allies and creating markets for Soviet military technology.

Many of these client states would standardize the use of communist-bloc munitions and weapons systems in their armies, thus ensuring a steady demand for replacement parts and ammunition that would continue well into the future.

A mysterious online weapons vendor called Glocom — jokingly dubbed the “Samsung of North Korean proliferators” by some Western investigators — began posting slick videos hawking a variety of wares ranging from military radios to guidance systems for drones, never mentioning North Korea as the source.

[North Korea defies predictions — again — with early grasp of weapons milestone] A closer examination by U. experts would reveal yet another deception, this one apparently intended to fool the weapons’ Egyptian recipients: Each of the rockets bore a stamp with a manufacturing date of March 2016, just a few months before the Jie Shun sailed. “On-site analysis revealed that they were not of recent production,” the U. report said, “but rather had been stockpiled for some time.” North Korea’s booming illicit arms trade is an outgrowth of a legitimate business that began decades ago.It also shed light on a little-understood global arms trade that has become an increasingly vital financial lifeline for North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in the wake of unprecedented economic sanctions. ] A statement from the Egyptian Embassy in Washington pointed to Egypt’s “transparency” and cooperation with U. officials in finding and destroying the contraband. officials confirmed that delivery of the rockets was foiled only when U. intelligence agencies spotted the vessel and alerted Egyptian authorities through diplomatic channels — essentially forcing them to take action — said current and former U. Even as the United States and its allies pile on the sanctions, Kim continues to quietly reap profits from selling cheap conventional weapons and military hardware to a list of customers and beneficiaries that has at times included Iran, Burma, Cuba, Syria, Eritrea and at least two terrorist groups, as well as key U. ] Some customers have long-standing military ties with Pyongyang, while others have sought to take advantage of the unique market niche created by North Korea: a kind of global e Bay for vintage and refurbished Cold War-era weapons, often at prices far lower than the prevailing rates.“Egypt will continue to abide by all Security Council resolutions and will always be in conformity with these resolutions as they restrain military purchases from North Korea,” the statement said. North Korean soldiers carrying packs marked with a radioactive symbol take part in a 2013 military parade in Pyongyang.[How Russia quietly undercuts sanctions intended to stop North Korea’s nuclear program] By the end of the Cold War, North Korea’s customer base spanned four continents and included dozens of countries, as well as armed insurgencies.The demand for discount North Korean weapons would continue long after the Soviet Union collapsed, and even after North Korea came under international censure and economic isolation because of its nuclear weapons program, said Andrea Berger, a North Korea specialist and senior research associate at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey, Calif.

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“North Korea’s assistance created a legacy of dependency,” said Berger, author of “Target Markets,” a 2015 monograph on the history of Pyongyang’s arms exports.

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