Rape victims of online dating

In the last year there were 121,113 sexual offences committed in England and Wales, of which 41,150 were rape (ONS Crime Survey for England and Wales, year ending March 2017).The number of rape cases recorded by the police has risen by 15% compared with the previous year (year ending March 2016).In the courts this will be treated very similarly to rape, with a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.Rape and sexual assaults are traumatic experiences that can affect you both physically and emotionally.Both men and women can be raped but only men can commit rape.If someone (male or female) sexually assaults you by penetrating you with another part of their body or another object, this is classed as ‘assault by penetration’ but will be treated similarly to rape if taken to court.You may also download and print the Help for Crime Victims: Helplines (PDF 58 kb) list now.

Use the following contact list to find additional information or to get help.

‘Statutory rape’ is the term that’s sometimes used to describe the rape of children under the age of consent.

In the UK, a child under the age of 13 cannot legally consent to any sexual activity. If someone is raped by a group of men, this is sometimes referred to as ‘gang rape’.

‘Date rape’ isn’t a specific offence but you might hear the term used to describe rape when the survivor and perpetrator are known to each other, for example if they’re friends or are dating.

The person raped may be drugged and unable to give consent.

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This can happen to anyone, and could be committed by both men and women.

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