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A person who is blessed with good looks will frequently have a leg up in the world.However: The definition of what women consider to be “good looking” varies wildly.Others will insist that looks don’t matter at all and that it’s strictly a matter of one’s character. In reality, being attractive to women is a combination of a host of factors, coming together to build a holistic version of desirability that’s based on more than just whether or not one has Scandinavian cheekbones and piercing blue eyes. Humans are psychologically predisposed to be more positively inclined toward people who are physically attractive; a cognitive bias known as the “halo effect” influences people’s judgements and impressions about a person based purely on their physical appearance. The issue comes down to the differences between how men and women define “attractiveness”.Most men out there do the better.) At best, wearing clothes that don’t fit looks sloppy and immature, making even the most expensive, stylish clothes look like something you picked up from the Lost and Found.At worst, you look like a kid trying to play dress-up in his daddy’s clothes.(This, I might add, gets much more important the older you get; when you start losing hair on your head, you start gaining it .) While I’m at it: take care of your damn hands. Most men have absolutely no idea what to do with their hair.

Proper skin care will make you look younger, more alert and – importantly – more attractive.Shave your neck; your beard should stop just under your jaw line – not so close that you look overly groomed but not so far that you look like you spend all your time in your mother’s basement running 25 man raids in World of Warcraft.There is nothing that drives me crazier than people who wear clothes that don’t fit properly.You’re better off to shell out for something at the level of Anthony’s Logistics for Men than Speed-Stick. However, most men stop here when it comes to personal grooming.This is a mistake; part of grooming means taking care of your face and skin.

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