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The word 神 (Kami) in Japanese means God, which dubs the girls in AKB48 as the 7 Goddesses and most popular girls.

Q41: Something you cherish A41: Friends and family and… Q42: Where you buy clothes often A42: Harajuku for the majority Q43: What you do with the clothes you bought that end up not working out A43: Either give them to the members or alter them myself. Q64: First thing you do when you get home A64: Play with my dogs Q65: How you spend your days off A65: Either take Pacha and Musshu for a walk, or hang out with Acchan, Yukarin, or Noro-can Q66: A dream that you remember A66: There’s this dream that I have when I’m sick, and it’s where duct tape keeps coming closer and closer to me.

I go to second hand stores often, so I’ll take them there. I’m allergic to metal so I wear them sometimes, but not that often. It’s really scary, and I eventually get rolled up by the duct tape.

14 girls overall has been named a Kami 7 in those 6 years.

But here are the original members of the Kami 7 in the first Senbatsu Sousenkyo according to their ranking.

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