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With over 10 years experience in the travel and tourism industry, Chris started his career at Eurostar working within corporate sales and then transitioned to marketing.At Visit Hampshire his remit focuses on the strategy and delivery of marketing activity (on and offline).He will teach you how to build rapport with all kinds of people from all 4 corners of the globe.“Chris Bowry is the Senior Marketing Manager at Visit Hampshire, the official tourism website for the County.Her work was recently recognised as the winner of the Best Use of Social Media at Scottish Digital Business Awards for the inspiration #nowrongpath campaign.She is also an active Board member of Refuweegeee, a grassroots charity established to provide a warm Glasgow welcome to displaced people who have arrived in the city.

[email protected] Leona has represented employers views on employment and skills since 2008 working on issues ranging from equalities to youth employment.Travelling up and down the country we will introducing visitors to the national commercial big hitters as well as the variety of excellence held by regional and independent suppliers.We will be announcing full details about the Marketplace in the coming months but expect names that can have massive improvements on every aspect of your operations.Agility and continual learning are the watchwords of success and the ability to adapt and evolve to new challenges will see the best providers rise to the top.Accommodation hosts of all types are embracing new marketing ideas and technologies to support business growth and Be My Guest brings these innovations to market, in an environment that will spark new ideas, share expert knowledge and allow you to ask questions ‘face-to-face’.

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It will include experts, award winners, trainers, leaders, inspectors, bloggers and reviewers Each Be My Guest event has a different line up and each session has been tasked with providing at least three valuable pieces of content for the audience.

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