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Shake off the last bits of Winter sleepiness and take the first grand night challenge of the year - the strategic night game "Dwarfs against Saboteurs"!You will have a chance to be either Dwarfs who will use their mindpower and skills to restore the order in the gold mines and complete missions, or Saboteurs who will take an advantage of their stealthiness to turn everything upside down.Īstenībā tieši nakts mistērijām caurvītajā klusumā tie atdzīvojas.

The participation in the adventure is 5 EUR sacrifice to the King of Dwarfs. Please, leave alcohol consumtion for the post-ride party!The festival will kick off with the exhibition “Facts and Clarifications” which features works by Peter Puklus (Hungary), Lucia Nimcova (Slovakia), Pavel Maria Smejkal (Slovakia) and Roman Korovin (Latvia).The artists have drawn their attention to complicated, paradoxical, tragic, as well as humorous cultural situations and their interpretation in Eastern Europe.Skroderdienas Silmačos - Rīgā 16.06 TEDx Riga 2017: Listen!17.06 Battle of Riga 2017 FINAL (17&18 June) 17.06 Rīgas krāmu tirgus / jūnijs 21.06 Solstice study with 72 speakers by 6 composers / Aarhus X Riga 21.06 Foo Fighters @ Lucavsala Island in Riga, Latvia 22.06 Solstice study with 72 speakers by 6 composers / Aarhus X Riga 23.06 Dream Trips: Midsummer Celebrations in Riga 29.06 Latvia: The Red Paintings at Nabaklab, Riga 30.06 RTU Lielais izlaidums 01.07 RĪGAS RITMI 2017 Magda Giannikou & Electro Deluxe 02.07 Gumball 3000 Riga - Mykonos 2017 | Warsaw & Krakow - Checkpoint 10.07 Suicideboys in Riga 16.07 Grand Prix of Nations & 3rd European Choir Games 2017 19.07 Die Schöpfung in Riga - Sing Along Concert 27.07 Samåk med DM till Riga! 26.10 Hang Massive Live in Riga 27.10 Labvēlīgais TIPS jubilejas šovs Sudrabkāzas//RĪGA 04.11 Porta Rīgā / Karina Gomes / Aboss Kosimovs / Shono 07.11 Andrea Bocelli Concert : Riga Arena : Riga, Latvia 08.11 Dirkschneider Rīgā 17.11 Dream Trips: Discover Iconic Old Riga 01.12 Royal Christmas Gala with Sarah Brightman and Gregorian, Riga 31.12 New Year's Eve In Riga 2017/2018 25.05 Rīgas Hanzas vidusskolas 20 5 salidojums 08.11 Rokopera "Lāčplēsis" Join us at the Riga Photomonth 2017 launch at the National Library of Latvia!

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More info and application here: Join in for an adventure and take the childhood games to a brand new level! ;-) Please run Critical Maps on your phones, so that we can be found by those who want to join us! Ielūdzam jūs uz kizombas nedēļas nogali ar brīnišķīgiem dejotājiem: Inesi In (Rīga, Latvija) un Xavier Joseph (Parīze, Francija). Un tā, rezervējam laiku un izpētām nodarbību sarakstu. - Urban Kizz iesācējiem - Urban Kizz atmuguriskie soļi (intermediate level) Sestdiena, .

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