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Finally, Katsuyuki parted from SMAP and Six turned into Five keeping a missing piece as from June 1996.

The departure was their 'Childhood's End', and naughty boys grew up to be professionals.

In early 1996, Katsuyuki secretly took the examination to the public training school for professional racer of Auto Race and was accepted.

His dream was to become a motorcycle racer since he was a boy, but this news caused great trouble because Auto Race is a public-managed motorcycle race gambling and it was said that it's not cut out to be a teen idol having many minor fans.

It's not only the most celebrated entertainer group in Japan, but also the epoch-making and long-running idol group in the history of Japanese show business.

Maybe you think it's crazy to call them "boy band" or "idol"...

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But their debut song couldn't get no.1 in the Oricon hit chart.

From 1991 to early 1996, SMAP released eight studio album CDs and twenty-one single CDs, and some TV dramas and movies some members starred have achieved remarkable successes.

In April 1996, their own primetime TV show "SMAP x SMAP" was started when just SMAP was rising in popularity, and the significant event in SMAP's history occurred at that time.

In 1987, the future members of SMAP entered Johnny & Associates as trainees and joined Skate-boys, a backup dancer team for their senior band Hikaru-genji.

In April 1988, six boys were selected from Skate-boys for a new band, and their boss Johnny Kitagawa named them SMAP, it stands for "Sports Music Assemble People".

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They show us their challenge to new things even if it's a hard task of unprecedented field, with a positive mind everywhere.

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